Ordering information

Go to Ordering for information regarding pricing and ordering.

Professional development support

We offer professional support for developers working with our Mulle systems, contact for information.

Getting started

On our Github wiki there are guides for quickly getting up and running with your Mulle devices.

Development tools

For help on using the development tools, please refer to the Tools wiki page.

Open source software

The Mulle runs the Contiki open source operating system. For general inquiries not specific to the Mulle platform, there is the contiki-developers mailing lists.

To stay up to date with the Mulle open source development, begin following our Contiki repository

Reporting issues

For issues regarding the open source portion of the Mulle software, please use the issue tracker at the Eistec Contiki repository. Pull requests are welcome, we monitor the repository for new issues and pulls to handle them promptly.

For issues regarding any proprietary applications, contact


For a Mulle compatible toolchain (compiler, linker, flashing tools, etc.), see Installing toolchain (GCC) on the Eistec Mulle Wiki.

To download the Contiki sources, either go to the Eistec Contiki Github page, or clone the repository directly:

git clone

Downloads for legacy Mulle devices can be found on the page for Previous revisions of the Mulle.