Eistec is committed to providing solutions that allow Internet access and visibility for a wide range of applications and products. Eistec is sprung from a research environment spanning from transistors to Internet services. This unique knowledge base allows us to develop and deliver platforms that are completely Internet compatible, yet achieving ultra-low power consumption and small form factor.

Complete system solutions

Complete solutions for sensor networks and signal analysis applications are customized according to the demands of the clients’ infrastructure and existing systems. Custom application boards are designed in-house from the requirements of the project in order to provide the greatest value to the client. The Mulle platform can be modified with alternative radio solutions for regulatory compliance anywhere in the world.

Analysis and optimization of power parameters

Engineers at Eistec have extensive experience of working with low-power battery operated devices. We offer services for performing analyses of power consumption of any electronic hardware, both black-box and white-box testing, including software development suggestions for improved power profile and a detailed analysis of all components of an embedded system. Using our own in-house tools and methods we measure the power profile of a device and produce a detailed analysis of where the power is being consumed, both in terms of software components and in which hardware components.

Technical expertise

Engineers at Eistec are experienced in system architecture design, system integration and hardware design. In close relation with our partners, Eistec performs research oriented development as well as product design and manufacturing.

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