Mulle development tools

Efficient development tools helps reducing the cost for developing new products. This page contains a summary of some tools that we use for developing Mulle software.

Programming board

An on board JTAG programmer allows rapid flashing and debugging of Mulle sensor node software. Each pad in the Mulle expansion port is exposed on a pin header for easy prototyping and experiments during development.

Mulle Programming board

For help on how to use the Programming board, visit Mulle programmer board Github wiki page

Current measurement add-on

When optimizing power consumption it is useful to know the average current consumption, but also the instant current consumption. The Current measurement add-on allows for measuring current consumption with a high sample rate in order to pinpoint power hungry functionality and eliminate power waste.

The measurements can be synchronized with the device under test in order to correlate states within the device under test with changes in power consumption.