Mulle gateway device

Internet gateway device

The Mulle sensor devices can be connected to the internet via a gateway device. The Mulle gateway contains an IEEE 802.15.4 radio and a wired Ethernet jack for connecting to the internet. USB ports allow for optional WiFi and HSPA/3G wireless broadband connections for remote installations.

The gateway contains an ARM Cortex A9 processor and runs a full Linux system, for maximum flexibility. Some internet services may require more complex negotiations or a more verbose protocol (e.g. HTTP) which will increase the battery consumption on the sensors. The gateway can act both as a bridge between the 6LoWPAN network and the internet, as well as a mediator for internet services, in order to reduce the power consumption of the sensors.

Form factor

The gateway is available both as a compact desktop enclosure, 62 x 21 x 90 mm, roughly the same size as a deck of playing cards. For industrial applications, we also offer an enclosure with DIN rail mount, to fit in already existing cases.