Mulle wireless sensor platform

The Mulle is a miniature wireless Embedded Internet System (EIS) suitable for wireless sensors connected to the Internet of Things, and designed for rapid prototyping.

The Mulle sensor platform consists of the following main components, click each for more information.

Mulle sensor node

Mulle sensor node

More information: Mulle wireless sensor nodes

The Mulle sensor nodes span the wireless sensor network. The Mulle sensor node is equipped with a microcontroller featuring ultra-low power consumption, and an IEEE 802.15.4 radio (868 MHz radio frequency, 900 MHz available upon request). The Mulle sensor nodes run the open-source Contiki operating system or RIOT OS, which both feature a full IPv6 stack.

Expansion port

More information: Mulle development tools

The Mulle’s 60-pin connector hosts a large number of analog and digital I/O pins, power supply, and serial communication lines that are available for easy connection of other types of sensors as well as expansion boards.

Software and tools

More information: Support

The Mulle software can be built using a standard GNU GCC toolchain for embedded ARM platforms. The Contiki open-source operating system is used in many tiny, low-power, Embedded Internet Systems worldwide. Contiki supplies a full IPv6 networking stack, including UDP, TCP, HTTP, 6LoWPAN, RPL, and CoAP protocols. For more information about Contiki, see

Internet gateway device

More information: Mulle gateway device

The Mulle sensor devices can be connected to the internet via a gateway device. The Mulle gateway contains an IEEE 802.15.4 radio and a wired Ethernet jack for connecting to the internet. USB ports allow for optional WiFi and HSPA/3G wireless broadband connections for remote installations.

The gateway contains an ARM Cortex A9 processor and runs a full Linux system, for maximum flexibility. Some internet services may require more complex negotiations or a more verbose protocol (e.g. HTTP) which will increase the battery consumption on the sensors. The gateway can act both as a bridge between the 6LoWPAN network and the internet, as well as a mediator for internet services, in order to reduce the power consumption of the sensors.

Legacy Mulle devices

More information: Previous revisions of the Mulle

Legacy Mulle 3.1 device

There have been several generations of the Mulle platform. The previous versions are described on a separate page.