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The widespread implementation of Bluetooth in mobile phones creates a world spanning access network to the Internet. With this realization, Eistec is focused on providing solutions that allow Internet access and visibility for a wide range of applications and products. Embedded Internet Systems (EIS) with Bluetooth connectivity can easily connect to existing infrastructures, and thus enable world-wide mobility. An even wider range of applications can be realized by the use of 6LoWPAN radio technology.

Eistec is sprung from a research environment spanning from transistors to Internet services. This unique knowledge base allows us to develop and deliver platforms that are completely Internet compatible, yet achieving ultra-low power consumption and small form factor.

Eistec is the only provider of the Mulle platform, originally developed at Luleå University of Technology. The Mulle wireless sensor platform is a small embedded system, only measuring 26x24 mm, capable of communicating using TCP/IP, Bluetooth, and 6LoWPAN over IEEE 802.15.4 (either 2.4 GHz or 868 MHz).

News: Renesas University programme assists commercialisation of research results from Luleå University of Technology. See their pressrelease for further details.

News: There is an interesting artice in the Swedish journal Elektroniktidningen regarding Eistec's Mulle platform and our cooperation with Luleå University of Technology and Renesas.

News: Eistec now a parter in the iRoad project. The aim of the project is to develop an intelligent road, capable of sensing traffic and weather conditions. More information can be found on the iRoad web site: http://www.iroad.se.



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